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Not all problems on a car are obvious. When they’re not, the first step should always be a car diagnostic test. This is because if we know exactly what is wrong, we won’t waste our time and your money chasing probable causes.

Night and Day Autocare operate professionally and efficiently. We never ‘guess’ when it comes to diagnosing faults. We make sure we diagnose the ‘real’ fault before we begin work.

Some of the car components we can perform diagnostics and repairs on are; Starter Motor, EFI, Electrical, and Alternators. Most modern vehicles have computers onboard to control various fundamental operations. Our testing equipment lets us view these readouts to find out where the problems are.

Trucks, Machinery, and Earth Moving Equipment

Along with private vehicles and fleet vehicles we provide a thorough diagnostic and repair service for all types of trucks, machinery, and earth moving equipment.

Car Mechanic | Gold Coast | DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRS

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When should you book in for a car diagnostic test?

Here are some of the common symptoms that can benefit from diagnostic testing.

  • If you suspect that your vehicle isn’t performing as well as it should be.
  • Engine light on permanently or intermittently

These symptoms can be the result of several different causes. Diagnostic testing isolates the exact problem quickly and accurately.

All our mechanics are qualified, competent, and professional. Our number one priority is always, safety and service.

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Car Mechanic | Gold Coast | Office Address
Car Mechanic | Gold Coast | Office Address
Car Mechanic | Gold Coast | Office Address
Car Mechanic | Gold Coast | Office Address